Case Study #1

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Blue-green algae blooms in the Gulf of Finland

Blue Green Algae Blooms: Microalgae is a naturally-occurring organism that is an important and necessary component of the aquatic ecosystem. However, when there is a unnatural nutrient load into the body of water an unbalanced growth of microalgae occurs, it can create a nuisance, unpleasant or even hazardous condition called a “harmful algal bloom”. Harmful […]

Creating Living, Energized Water


There has never been a time in which the importance of water has been emphasized as it is today. Although it was previously believed that water was a simple common substance, we now realize that water in nature is alive. When we use water without a deep understanding of its precious nature we take the […]

Tomato Germination Using Energized Water


Wow!  More great results – best so far – in our paper towel seed germination experiment series. This involved tomato seeds. A seed packet was divided in two, resulting in 133 seeds per group. The experiment ran for one week, Sept. 24 – Oct. 1, 2015. Conditions for both plates were identical. The only difference […]