There has never been a time in which the importance of water has been emphasized as it is today. Although it was previously believed that water was a simple common substance, we now realize that water in nature is alive.

When we use water without a deep understanding of its precious nature we take the life-giving forces right out of it. Living water – also known as energized water – is capable of bestowing many benefits, although, from the standpoint of normal chemical analysis, it may seem identical to de-energized tap water.

In all living things, there are “super-conductive” processes involving inter-cellular communication via photons. Water within the human body provides a necessary supply of photons for such vital communications and energy transfers. When energized or living water is present, evidence suggests that such processes are more efficient.

Although it’s no secret that there are high levels of pollutants in rivers and oceans, it has been reported that even rainwater and well and aquifer water is now contaminated by air pollution. To make matters worse, water retains “memory” (ie: traces) of pollutants even after filtering, stored via of its molecular cluster geometry and its energetic frequencies.water chlorination alternatives

Such Negative Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) signatures – established in water by chemical toxins or heavy metals – should be of great concern to us. As opposed to the kind of crystalline restructuring induced by Hydreva©, water that has been polluted – even after filtering – tends to be composed of “random molecules” with no organized hydrogen bonds.  This includes much of our world’s de-energized tap water.  Such a lack of organized bonding and proper molecular structure – we could compare this to the pristine spring water – is anecdotal evidence of negative EMF characteristics.

In Tokyo, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when polluted water is frozen and placed under a microscope at 200X magnification, no crystal formations of an orderly structure were seen. However, when he examined samples of pure natural water, he observed beautiful orderly molecular structures.  Dr. Emoto’s method of observing the living properties of water should help us develop a deeper sense of reverence for water, as the source of all life.  This understanding should also make us aware of the importance of developing technologies to remediate harmful energetic effects in water.

Most of our water, today, is in a de-energized or diseased state. This is the reason bacteria and fungi thrive in it, requiring ever greater additions of chlorine and chemicals.  However, “chlorine resistance” then develops, aggravating the health implications of such chemicals.  There’s a better way:

Raise the energetic state of the water, naturally fortifying it against pathogens

Hydreva© is the result of two decades of leading-edge water research.  Within Hydreva’s inner chamber, water is swirled in a precise geometric pattern and exposed to specific frequencies. This effectively “erase water’s memory” (energetic traces) of prior environments and restructures molecular bonds both via energetic transfer and frequency embedding.

Such revolutionary methods for water treatment hold great potential to make our water supplies far healthier while also reducing our acute dependence on chemical treatments.  It’s analogous to taking a new “health & wellness” approach to water treatment versus the same old allopathic approach.  We are involved in a broad educational as well as a technical mission, to improve our world’s water supplies.

“Water Made Great Again”

water technologies inventor Ralph SuddathAbout the author: Ralph Suddath is the inventor of the Hydreva® products.  He has been involved in advanced studies of water, energy and agricultural technologies since 1989 and has developed a family of patented water treatment systems. Mr. Suddath has combined the research of many noted scientists and inventors, esp. Victor Schauberger, aiming always to apply natural principles to water treatment. While most researchers focus on theory, Ralph’s expertise is in developing breakthrough products to address today’s primary water problems.