Case Study #1

Click to read our extensive Case Study #1 Report in PDF Hydreva Pasture Creek Story 2019

Vibration, Energy, and Water     The chemicals that we use in water treatment may be having unhealthy consequences that have not been previously realized. There is a growing concern about this both in the United States and around the world. According to Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl in their book, “Our Angry Earth”, pollution to our water […]

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Blue-green algae blooms in the Gulf of Finland

Blue Green Algae Blooms: Microalgae is a naturally-occurring organism that is an important and necessary component of the aquatic ecosystem. However, when there is a unnatural nutrient load into the body of water an unbalanced growth of microalgae occurs, it can create a nuisance, unpleasant or even hazardous condition called a “harmful algal bloom”. Harmful […]

Creating Living, Energized Water


There has never been a time in which the importance of water has been emphasized as it is today. Although it was previously believed that water was a simple common substance, we now realize that water in nature is alive. When we use water without a deep understanding of its precious nature we take the […]