HYDREVA: A High Quality Re-Structured Water System

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Hydreva is The Market Leader in Structured Water Science

The modern scientific understanding of water clearly shows that all waters are not created equal.  We have also been taught that water is an organically dead substance.  We are currently experiencing a systematic degeneration of the very foundations of nature.  No one in government is thinking about the energetic state of our water.  Most of us see water quality only from a chemical point of view.  Water quality should be judged by the vibrational or energetic properties as well.  The best way to improve the quality of water is to attempt to copy or mimic natural water processes. Bio-mimicry remains something of an infant discipline.  Bio-mimicry means to refashion our own processes and retool our resources so that they align with those found in nature.  This technology does not require electrical power it relies solely on water pressure.  It is a cost effective approach to manufacturing high quality naturally energized water to help restore water back to a more natural state. 

Most of our water, today, is in a de-energized or diseased state. This is the reason bacteria and fungi thrive in it, requiring ever greater additions of chlorine and chemicals. However, “chlorine resistance” then develops, aggravating the health implications of such chemicals. There’s a better way:

Raise the energetic state of the water, naturally fortifying it against pathogens

Hydreva© is the result of two decades of leading-edge water research. Within Hydreva’s inner chamber, water is swirled in a precise geometric pattern and exposed to specific frequencies. This effectively “erase water’s memory” (energetic traces) of prior environments and restructures molecular bonds both via energetic transfer and frequency embedding.

Such revolutionary methods for water treatment hold great potential to make our water supplies far healthier while also reducing our acute dependence on chemical treatments.

Hydreva® has the most impressive patents of any product in the global structured waterfield. While the science of Living Water created via crystalline restructuring is not well understood, the US Patent & Trade Office does not grant patents unless the underlying science is proven. Hydreva has two foundational patents covering its path-breaking frequency embedding (US# 7473374) and energy collection methods (US# 20130328729).

Potential Applications

It is anticipated that the present invention will be useful for industries such as:

     A. Municipal water treatment

     B. Pool and spas

     C. Hotels and restaurants

     D. Air conditioning

     E. Agriculture

     F. Cosmetics

     G. Food and beverages.

Further, biologically active fluids such as raw milk, raw wine, juices, and other fluids can have their shelf life extended by reducing the amount of live bacteria in them. Ultra pasteurization of milk, for example, produces milk with x long shelf life. One aspect of the invention is to similarly use the described structure and process to reduce the amount of such potentially harmful bacteria in the treated fluid.


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