Municipal Water Industry:

Most of our available drinking water comes from surface water. This is the water we find in lakes, reservoirs and rivers. With the continued contamination of our environment and surface water resources, modern water purification methods have applied: Chlorination, Ionization, Ozonation, Ultra Violet (UV) and R.O. filtration. Each one of these systems has its own set of problems, especially chlorine.


Vortex Frequency Resonance Technology (“Hydreva® VFR”)

Hydreva® Patented Vortex Frequency Resonance Technology will remove the negative “frequencies” or “programmed” structure of the water so that it is prepared to receive a new program and impart that program to other water molecules that contact the reprogrammed molecule. This process will cause the improvements in the water to be longer lasting and more-efficient.

Hydreva® system will change the field perturbations within the water which raises the overall energy level of the water molecules thereby enabling them to absorb more dissolved oxygen. Moreover, energy-enhanced water rapidly influences the indigenous populations of bio-beneficial microorganisms to flourish.

Unlike other technologies, Hydreva® Vortex Frequency Resonance device is not just a conglomeration of magnets that create strong magnetic fields which can be averse to biology and interfere with frequencies that are necessary for life. Hydreva® patented devices are set up with a beneficial field strength that is specifically designed not to negatively interfere with biology – a feat which is accomplished by programming our device’s magnetic microspheres to induce both left and right-hand vortex spins. Furthermore, the magnetic microspheres within Hydreva® technology have been electrically imprinted with spiral antenna which transmit (but do not erase) the beneficial properties to water.

VFR technology potentially reduces and/or eliminates the need for many of the chemical flocculants and sanitizers such as chlorine, bromine, stabilizers, algaecides, and clarifiers currently used in many municipal and other water systems.


Sewage & Wastewater:

The VFR technology can be introduced as a sterilizer or an aerobic bacteria growth accelerator. This technology is proven to transform sewage and wastewater; producing clarified sewage water with decreased odor. This significant improvement in the quality of wastewater also leads to a reduction in maintenance, and related costs for septic sewage tanks. Because vitalized water stays vitalized, it will positively affect de-vitalized water, which means that the de-vitalized wastewater will positively influence the surrounding wastewater in the sewage system.