About Us

Our Vision

To improve the quality of water in lakes rivers and ponds and to train technicians in the understanding and installation of our advanced water treatment technology.

To commercialize the most powerful, multi-purpose, yet environmentally friendly water treatment technology ever discovered.

Why use our Products?

The Hydreva® water treatment system is the next generation of water treatment.

With the projected demand for water far exceeding the availability of freshwater resources, the world’s population will be turning to alternative technology like the Hydreva® System to process their polluted water to standards that are actually beneficial for human and animal consumption.

Our History

30 Years of research went into the development of this state of the art water conditioning system.

It is the culmination of an integrative approach that combines the vortex, water’s interactions with magnetism, and the ability to program frequency patterns into water.

About The Founder

Ralph Suddath
Ralph Suddath - CEO & Founder

Ralph Suddath is the inventor of the Hydreva® products.

He has been involved in advanced studies of water, energy and agricultural technologies since 1989 and has developed a family of patented water treatment systems.

Mr. Suddath has combined the research of many noted scientists and inventors, esp. Victor Schauberger, aiming always to apply natural principles to water treatment.

While most researchers focus on theory, Ralph’s expertise is in developing breakthrough products to address today’s primary water problems.