Hydreva® stands ready to offer the a natural solution for balancing the health and vitality of state or city waterways and thereby prevent harmful Cyanobacteria (BlueGreen Algae) blooms within those large bodies of water and its accompanying rivers, tributaries, locks, drainage canals, spillways, etc.

Hydreva® has spent the last twenty five years undergoing extensive research and testing of its patented technologies to control bacteria and blooms of Blue-Green Algae and is prepared to guarantee 100% that it can deliver the performance-based results that are described in the following sections.


The ideal water system for large bodies of waters in states and cities and other large commercial water applications where clean water is mandatory.

It works by releasing a calculated mixture of frequencies and ions into your water, which go to work against unwanted bacteria and algae.  This will drastically reduce maintenance and keep your water looking crystal clear without the use of chemicals.


Hydreva® uses Vortex Frequency Resonance (“Hydreva® Stationary Modules”) technology.  Hydreva® proposes to install at least 100 of its Stationary Modules in strategic locations around the lake to significantly increase the energy and concentration of dissolved oxygen throughout the water column of large bodies of water and its accompanying waterways. Modules which are capable of processing massive amounts of inlet water 1000 gallons per minute.



Shoreside units will be placed at intervals near shore to treat specific areas such as small bays and inlets.

Realtime feedback will optimize resources and effectiveness as well as provide ongoing proof of treatment progress.

In order to monitor and verify ongoing results Hydreva® will provide a completely staffed, sophisticated testing lab.