Hydreva® – Health Applications

Life itself is hinged upon the quality of our water. Hydreva® uses the world’s first quantum energized-living water treatment science. This technology goes beyond all measures of conventional carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment and current water purification methods. Our systems erase and reprogram the memory of water at the quantum molecular level, purifying, energizing, restructuring and recreating the natural crystallinity of water, while infusing bio-friendly, vitality frequencies and a matrix of vibrational, bio-geometry. This advanced technology has dramatically evolved water treatment resulting in supporting enhanced levels of physiological well-being, cellular health, rejuvenation and living water benefits.

This is the first company to introduce and launch commercial and industrial energized, living-water systems using this patented water science. Our goal is to bring energized-living water to the forefront of the wellness and lifestyle markets across all (residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and municipal platforms).


Living Water Benefits:

  • Cleaner, smoother, better tasting water
  • Odor free, pH balanced and wellness rich
  • Supports deep relaxation and restfulness
  • Enhances mental clarity and balance
  • Optimized absorption and hydration levels
  • Cellular rejuvenation, DNA and skincare benefits
  • Increased hair health
  • Improves immunity
  • Detoxifies pollutants
  • Less soap needed for showers
  • Lower water surface tension
  • Increased hydration


Hydreva® Whole House Unit

This unit utilizes a natural vortex action proven to remove negative memories imprinted in your water and replaces them with programmed bio-enhancing frequencies. This innovative technology delivers water that your body needs. Allowing water to have a more natural crystalline structure. Ideally installation should occur at the main water supply to your home or business.