Plants love the “crystalline structured water” Hydreva produces.  This is something we’re now documenting via a series of paper towel based seed germination experiments.  This article highlights one such experiment, which ran from Sept. 12-15, 2015.

A packet of chard seeds was divided in two, resulting in 90 seeds for each side of the experiment.  The seeds were then placed on paper towels on plates and covered with another paper towel. All conditions for both plates were identical throughout the experiment, except one got Hydreva treated water and the other untreated water from the same source, once each morning.

Water was run through a Hydreva attached to a hose spigot into a plastic bucket (don’t use metal containers as metal reduces “energized water” benefits).  Both treated and untreated water was poured into coffee mugs, which was the water supply during the test period.

Over three days, the plate with Hydreva water germinated over 3x the number of seeds as the regular water plate.  “But wait, there’s more!”  Tendrils on the Hydreva plate were much more developed and had a healthier white (versus brownish) color.  The color difference relates to the fact that mold began growing on seeds in the regular water plate, but not on the Hydreva side (seeds were wet three continuous days).  We’ll have more to say, elsewhere, about Hydreva’s ability to greatly reduce plant and soil fungal problems.

Here’s a photo of the experiment setup.

Seed germination test

The plates, prior to removing seeds for counting.

Seed Germination with regular waterRegular Water seeds Seed Germination with structured energized waterHydreva Structured Water seeds

All tendrils on the Regular Water plate were “tiny” whereas the Hydreva plate had seeds with more developed tendrils. Also note the healthier color of tendrils on the Hydreva plate (click for larger image).

Seed Germination with regular water

Regular Water seeds

Seed Germination with structured energized water

Hydreva Structured Water seeds

Experiment Summary

Regular Water – 18 seeds germinated (all “tiny” tendril size)

Hydreva Water – 61 seeds germinated (13 tiny, 33 small, 15 medium tendrils)

Regular water Hydreva water
Tiny (< 1/4″ tendril) 18 13
Small (1/4″ to 1/2″ tendril) 0 33
Medium (> 1/2″ tendril) 0 15
Total 18 61

Consider doing your own seed germination experiment. They’re easy to do and require no more than a week to complete.  During a limited introductory period, our 3/4″ and 1″ Hydreva units – which can be installed permanently in home plumbing systems or used on garden hose spigots – are just $299 for those willing to share their test results.

Happy gardening!