A fundamental fact associated with Hydreva® technology is that specific electromagnetic frequencies not only impart to water a higher and healthier energetic state, but that specific frequencies also associate with specific geometries of water moleculer clusters. Both have great bearing on water quality across all applications. There are specific inter-relationships between geometry and frequency, and one can be used to affect the other.

Ideal water crystals tend toward hexagonal (2D) and tetrahedral (3D) forms.  Centuries ago, it was conclusively demonstrated that specific sound frequencies associate with and will create specific geometries.  This was demonstrated and documented by many scientists and experimenters, for example, involving sand on a vibrating surface.  The same is true of electromagnetic frequencies and substances sensitive to them; for example, iron filings exposed to magnetic fields.

Though many of us conducted such experiments in high school, it seems our world of high-tech academic physics has nearly forgotten such fundamentals.

In the late 18th century, German scientist and composer, Ernst Chladni published “Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music.”  Chladni is credited with laying the basis for the subsequent science of acoustics.  A great deal of Chladni’s focus was directed toward the mystical ability of specific sound frequencies to transform physical matter in predictable and organized ways.  He made these effects visible by developing a technique that, initially, involved a violin bow and plates filled with sand. Chladni demonstrated that specific sounds create specific geometries and these patterns are consistent and predictable.  They are also amazing! sound frequencies and water geometries

The same is true of the precise electromagnetic frequencies produced by Hydreva┬«.  These not only raise water’s energetic state and vibrational levels as water passes through Hydreva’s vortex chamber, but Hydreva’s ceramic-coated magnetic beads impart frequencies which induce ideal molecular cluster geometries.  All this creates water that is more effective at what water’s meant to do;

Watch this amazing two-minute video, demonstrating the relationship between sound frequencies and geometry. Also, consider reading this excellent background article on the history of the scientific study of acoustics and cymatics.