Back in the early 1900s, Austrian forest warden Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) coined the term “living water” because his research discovered that water has a unique vitality and “livingness” in its natural state.  One of his sayings was,“Understand Nature, then copy it.”

Hexagonal water cluster geometries are observed in natural healing waters around the world, under magnification.  Viktor Schauberger taught that water is a living substance with many little-understood properties, meant to go through a natural cycle of development. Only what he called “mature water” – water that usually surfaces from as springs or in lakes and rivers – has maximum ability, he said, to support life processes.dr emoto water crystal photos

His research showed that water can become diseased and de-energized through incorrect handling; for example, forcing it through long runs of straight pipe versus allowing it to swirl naturally and oxygenate. Great damage is done to our water by straightening out its natural tendencies to meander.  Schauberger discovered that when water is forced to travel through straight piping it loses energy and its molecular geometry is damaged.  Such devitalized water becomes a natural breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms and bacteria, which must be eradicated with toxic chemicals like chlorine.

Hydreva© utilizes a specific geometry within its inner chamber which elevates water’s energetic state and aids in “reprogramming” its molecular geometry.  The ceramic-coated magnetic beads inside Hydreva units, meanwhile, are embedded with “scalar wave frequencies,” which complete the task of restructuring and energizing water as it passes through the unit.

Water is an energy seeking substance that picks up frequencies from everything it comes in contact with, including hidden messages in water dr emotominerals, metals and chemical pollutants. In this sense, water can be said to have “memory.” Though water is chemically treated and filtered with the intention of ridding it of impurities, it will still carry the EMF signatures (energetic frequencies) of pollutants, degrading its quality and hydration effects.

A compelling new approach to evaluating water quality has come from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the Messages from Water.  By freezing water samples and photographing the resulting crystals, we can visually see the effects of “harmful information” even after water has completed chemical treatment, filtration or distillation.

Every year, farmers pour tons of de-energized water on their crops, stunting their growth and reducing the health of their plants.  And, people around the world are drinking de-energized and unhealthy tap water.  There’s a better way.

water technologies inventor Ralph SuddathAbout the author: Ralph Suddath is the inventor of the Hydreva® products.  He has been involved in advanced studies of water, energy and agricultural technologies since 1989 and has developed a family of patented water treatment systems. Mr. Suddath has combined the research of many noted scientists and inventors, esp. Victor Schauberger, aiming always to apply natural principles to water treatment. While most researchers focus on theory, Ralph’s expertise is in developing breakthrough products to address today’s primary water problems.