Have you seen the 2005 BBC documentary, “Top Secret Water?” 

Top Secret Water is part of a fast-growing list of resources demonstrating that mainstream science missed the boat regarding some of water’s most important characteristics.

Victor Schauberger was on to that in a big way, a full century ago.  Schauberger’s amazing insights about the nature of water are documented in Living Water: Viktor Shauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy.  The book’s Amazon intro says;

By studying fish in streams and by closely observing the natural water cycle, Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation.  He saw that modern man, without realizing it, was destroying the earth and sabotaging his own cultures by working against Nature.  According to Schauberger, all prevailing methods of energy generation – from hydro-electric to nuclear fission – produce harmful long-term effects on the environment and encourage disease.  Schauberger had a clear vision of how fertility could be restored to the earth.  As an inventor, Schauberger developed a number of ingenious machines which would revolutionize farming, horticulture, forestry and aircraft propulsion.

The Top Secret Water documentary begins,

Water, the fluid that governs our planet.  Omnipresent, with characteristics that appear familiar to us.  If we look closer, however, it is full of mysteries.  For instance, “Does water have a memory?  Do the molecules remember events they were once confronted with?  Are cosmic forces at work?”  The quest for the true nature of water leads directly to science’s front lines.

Hydreva’s inventor, Ralph Suddath, begin intensively studying Victor Shauberger’s work and inventions two decades ago.  Since, Ralph  replicated all of Schauberger’s inventions related to improving water quality and vitality.  Schauberger’s techniques for water quality improvement related primarily to “vortexing patterns” for pulling background energy into water, resulting in purification and energizing effects.  Hydreva® incorporates all those methods but goes a step beyond, more permanently and more significantly upgrading water quality via Hydreva’s patented “frequency embedding” techniques.

Yes, Hydreva® lets you to not just learn about but also enjoy Top Secret Water!