Hydreva 2″ Unit

2" structured water Hydreva unit

Hydreva 2″ Unit


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Product Description

crystalline structured water benefitsHydreva┬« is the most advanced and scientifically proven “Structured Water” technology available, anywhere. Based on two decades of leading R&D and product development by Hydreva’s inventor, Ralph Suddath, one Hydreva patent (US: 7473374) covers the emerging science of “frequency embedding” to create permanent water quality improvements while its second patent (US: 20130328729) addresses a novel method whereby background environmental energy is constantly harvested to power Hydreva’s frequency embedding process.

Hydreva also centrally incorporates the important science of vortexing water (pioneered by Victor Schauberger), using precise geometric sequences to “erase negative water memory” and raise water’s vibrational state, preparing it to be restructured via Hydreva’s unique frequency embedding process.

Within the inner vortex chamber of each unit, micro-sphere beads – made of a special magnetic alloy, coated with clear ceramics (preventing direct water-metal contact) – transfer specific frequencies to the now re-energized water, causing restructuring of its molecular clusters into ideal tetrahedral and hexagonal forms. To the right are actual photos of Tokyo tapwater, before and after Hydreva treatment, taken by Dr. Emoto’s labs in Japan (2004).

Hydreva water regains ideal higher-energy crystalline properties, delivering significant benefits in terms of increased absorption and hydration effects. This is due to decreased molecular cluster size and more organized and energetic molecular clusters. This also means decreased water volumes can accomplish superior results both in plant and human tissue (introducing nutrients, eliminating waste products). Restructured “Living Water” also results in natural water softening and descaling benefits (currently undergoing field tests for documentation). This is due both to increased levels of dissolved oxygen in Hydreva water and the fact that foreign substances precipitate out of water with (“4th Phase”) crystalline characteristics, similar to the way impurities are extruded by ice when it freezes. Such effects have been described by academic water scientist Gerald Pollack in his popular book, The Fourth Phase of Water, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier and others.

Hydreva units have no moving parts and require no maintenance. They come with a 90-day money back guarantee and 3 year replacement warranty. Call or write if you have questions!

Product Notes:Made in USA water filter system

Unit dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 13″. For optimal performance, units should operate at 40-60 PSI. Moderate losses of efficiency occur above and below these levels. Inexpensive pressure gauges (like this one) allow water pressure testing and pressure regulators can be easily installed if needed.Units are available with brass vs. stainless steel screens for saltwater applications.