The Benefits of Crystalline Structured Water

20 Years of painstaking R&D has gone into the development of the patented Hydreva™ water transformation systems.  Hydreva™ was born out of the combined insights and inventions of Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, Walter Russell and Victor Shauberger. All were outstanding creative geniuses.

Hydreva’s inventor, Ralph Suddath, has been a dedicated student and teacher of advanced water science and technology for two decades.  He was instrumental in bringing noted water researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, to the United States, during the early period of Dr. Emoto’s international work.  The amazing transformational results of Hydreva™ technology have been confirmed by Dr. Emoto’s labs.

Hydreva™ contains a “vortex chamber” filled with magnetic micro-spheres, programmed with specific frequency patterns designed to elevate water’s vibrational state and ideally restructure its molecular clusters.  Programming of the Hydreva micro-spheres – made of a special metal alloy mix covered with a clear ceramic coating – is accomplished via a custom designed and built Tesla frequency generator.

Be part of pioneering a higher quality of life for all, by joining the Water Transformation Revolution Hydreva™ makes possible.

water technologies inventor Ralph Suddath

Ralph Suddath is the inventor of the Hydreva® products.  He has been involved in advanced studies of water, energy and agricultural technologies since 1989 and has developed a family of patented water treatment systems. Mr. Suddath has combined the research of many noted scientists and inventors, aiming always to apply natural principles to water treatment. While most researchers focus on theory, Ralph’s expertise is in developing breakthrough products to address today’s main water problems.